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NEW anti-oxidant juice drink
Learn about a NEW antioxidant juice blend made with fresh olive leaf and other potent ingredients that will give you and your family a super antioxidant boost that is not found in other juice drinks.

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Powerful anti-oxidant protection
Would you like to slow down the aging process?
Would you like to increase your energy?
Would you like to boost your immune system nutritionally?
Would you like to improve your performance as an athlete?
Would you like to reduce lactic acid build up?
Would you like to help fight free radical damage?
Would you like to have whiter teeth and healthier gums?
Would you to create a biological terrain that is resistant to germs, viruses And other harmful pathogens?
Would you like to learn about the latest discovery in
how to slow down the aging process?

Antioxidant Activity - slow down free radical damage in your body with this powerful anti-oxidant.

This powerful anti-oxidant
has been proven to be an incredibly potent antioxidant. A double-blind crossover study has shown that this powerful antioxidant can protect the body from free radical damage.

Further studies revealed that this powerful anti-oxidant has the ability to scavenge the superoxide radical and hydroxyl radical, the most dangerous of oxygen free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules that can attack and destroy innocent cells, like your DNA. They possess a missing single electron, which is an unstable condition.

A free radical will travel through the body stealing an electron from vital tissues. Normal healthy cells have to make up for its deficiency, which can damage these healthy cells. This can impair normal intracellular functions, cell membranes, and numerous other important molecules in the cellular environment.

Free radicals are unstable toxic substances generated by everyday metabolic processes. The presence of these compounds is normal. but our current lifestyle, poor eating habits, air and water pollution, stress and other factors have led to a dangerous increase in the number of free radicals created by our bodies.

Free radical damage in the body can be caused by:

An unhealthy diet, full of processed foods high in fat or sugar. Especially fried foods.
Toxins in the air we breathe
Present-day stresses
Tobacco smoke
Radiation from the sun
Viruses and bacteria attacking the body
Drugs both prescription, and recreational
Ionizing radiation

This powerful anti-oxidant is a compound of silica and hydrogen ions, which contain loosely bound extra electron. This extra electron is freely given to neutralize free radicals, rendering them harmless. it is unique because hydrogen, being the smallest element, can provide trillions of these electrons in each capsule.

LEARN more and watch a short video about The ultimate anti-oxidant supplement and how it can benefit you.

Improve your Biological Terrain
for a healthy cell enviroment.

With the proper biological terrain, the body can exercise its amazing capacity to restore itself. This powerful anti-oxidant is an active and plentiful source of negative hydrogen ions. This powerful antioxidant tends to improve the "biological terrain" of cells and intercellular fluids by:

Alkalizing pH to optimum. Increasing the electrical conductivity of the cells. Providing the most powerful and effective antioxidant available.

As you know, these properties tend to enhance virtually every healthful body process and help establish a healthy biological terrain, which is inhospitable to undesirable organisms, yet which is excellent for helpful microorganisms.

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Improve Your Energy Production

We all know that our bodies need an adequate supply of oxygen to survive, most people don't realize the important role that hydrogen plays in our health. Oxygen burns hydrogen, producing energy to fuel our bodies.

Hydrogen and oxygen combine together to produce ATP, the energy molecule that brings life to the cells in your body.
Many athletes and other customers have reported an increase in energy from consuming this powerful anti-oxidant.
Improve Your Cellular Hydration

Scientific studies show that powerful this anti-oxidant improves both extracellular and intracellular hydration improved. Extracellular water is the fluid that bathes the cells and intracellular water is the fluid inside the cell. These are both indicators of cell integrity.
Cellular Communications

In order to maintain life billions of cells in our body need to communicate with each other, which takes place through the movement of electrons. Electrons need hydrogen to move in the body.

This powerful anti-oxidant provides your body with an abundant supply of negatively charged hydrogen ions, giving your body the electrons it needs to communicate at the cellular level.

This powerful anti-oxidant reduces the surface tension of the water, Which gives ordinary water the same surface tension as normal, healthy extracellular fluid.

When the water you drink becomes more like your extracellular fluid, your body's ability to absorb nutrients is greatly increased.

Your cells are constantly taking in nutrients for use and flushing out toxins for elimination. Proper surface tension greatly enhances the efficiency of these cellular reactions.

Is this anti-oxidant safe?

This powerful anti-oxidant consists of safe and natural source minerals. Once this anti-oxidant is consumed, it releases negatively charged hydrogen ions, normally found in fresh organic fruits and vegetables, to provide the life energy that is missing in our modern diets.

Our bodies need these electrons to function properly on the cellular level and to maintain a healthy biological terrain.
Toxicity tests performed by an independent laboratory indicate that it is an extremely safe substance

Scientific studies conducted on this product are available on request.

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Super Charged water - Are you drinking your water and dying of thirst?

Water makes up 70% of your body and a full 90% of your brain. But the amazing fact is the water in your cells is different from even the purest water you normally drink. Why? Because cellular water is "wetter water." The water inside and around your cells has Low Surface Tension.

Your body has to work hard to turn ordinary water into "wetter water", even if you drink the purest spring or distilled water.

As the years pass, it seems the body gets less effective at turning ordinary water into "wetter water" your cells can use. -- and your cells begin to dry up. Just look at some of the common aging effects of dehydration.

Stiffness and loss of flexibility
Dry, wrinkled skin.
Tendons that tear more easily
Brittle bones.
Loss of lung flexibility -- leading to loss of oxygen.

No wonder that doctors encourage us to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Trouble is, the water most of us drink isn't like the water in your cells.

Now YOU can drink "Wetter Water" every day!
It will heIp you in in five vital ways:

1. Super Charged water helps you to reverse dehydration -- a major cause of aging!
2. Super Charged water helps you to fight free radical damage!
3. Super Charged water helps you to absorb nutrients more effectively!
4. Super Charged water helps you to discard toxins more easily!
5. Super Charged water helps you to feel better, look better and live better!

Learn more about Super Charged water and how it can benefit you.

Anti-oxidant tooth powder Are You Poisoning Your Family?

Do you know there are potentially harmful ingredients in most of the personal care products on the market, products you and your family probably use? You can find these in ingredients in toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, sunscreens, deodorants, and the list goes on. One of the potentially harmful ingredients you should check your labels for is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). These ingredients are used as sudsing agents as well as solvents. They work so well that big industry uses them as engine degreasers, garage floor cleaners and car wash soaps. You'll find them in adult shampoo, toothpaste and even baby shampoo!

According to the Material Safety Data Sheet, SLS is harmful if inhaled or swallowed. If it is absorbed through the skin, it causes severe eye and skin irritation. Symptoms of exposure may include burning sensations, coughing, wheezing,laryngitis shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting.

SLS and SLES are systemic, which means they enter your body through the skin and penetrate to the deepest organs of your body and stay there. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate stays in your system for up to five days which means if you shower or brush your teeth more than once every five days it's always in your system. And we wonder why so many people have degenerative diseases.

Introducing a anti-oxidant tooth powder for healthier gums and a whiter smile that does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, preservatives, animal ingredients, artificial sweeteners, color, or flavor.

This anti-oxidant tooth powder is a whole new concept in dental care, which helps in overall oral health by alkalinizing the biological terrain of the mouth. Other dental poducts tested, including natural products have been shown to be acid forming, which creates a condition in which bacteria thrive.

This anti-oxidant tooth powder creates an electron rich enviroment in your mouth in which pathogens can't survive. Did you know that a large percentage of the american population suffer from some form of periodontal disease. Oral hygiene is an integral part of overall health.

This product will revolutionize dentistry and dental health.This amazing product helps to whiten your teeth without harsh abrasion. You can enjoy a brillant smile and a fresh mouth everyday.

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Joshua Steinberg