About me and my company
Hello, and thank you for visiting my www.superfoodsforlife.com website.   

My passion is helping people to achieve better health through better nutrition. I hope this site will help you achieve better health in your health in your life. 

We also have an opportunity for a few motivated individuals who want to help others achieve better health and get paid for it.

Feel free to call me with any questions you have at toll free 877-351-6959.

I began my health journey in 1982 when my first success teacher talked to our class about health and suggested that we all start reading health books and learn more about how get healthy and stay healthy.  I started reading books on health, attending health lectures, and joined the Light Force Company in 1986. The founder of the Light Force Company had a Mission to end world hunger. In 1995 Light Force merged with my current company.

Before I started my health journey in 1982, I got a couple of colds every year.  Each cold lasted a few weeks and one of them lasted a few months.  I also got digestive problems and headaches some times.  I ate the standard American diet and used over the counter drugs whenever I had a problem. I had never taken any nutritional products.

After I changed my diet, learned more about health and started taking superfood products, my health improved dramatically.  Today at age 64, I am healthier than I was when I started my journey into health in 1982. I have only needed the services of a medical doctor once since 1986 and I healed myself naturally without having the operation they recommended. I am currently not taking any drugs of any kind.

Today, I take many of our high quality natural superfood products.  My two favorite products are Spirulina powder and our super Anti-oxidant product.  I am also very excited about our new Stem cell rejuvenation product. I have been taking Spirulina almost every day since 1986 and our super anti-oxidant product since 1997.

Feel free to call me at toll free 877-351-6959. I would be happy to share more of my story and how it helped me to become healthier and how you can become healthier too. I would happy to help you in any way I can to achieve better health whether you buy my products or not.

About our company and what makes it different

Our company is a 22 year old global wellness company whose high quality natural nutritional supplements and body care products are designed to capture a significant portion of the estimated trillion-dollar wellness market.

The company operates from a 119,000-square-foot facility in Irving Texas near Dallas We have an in-house laboratory run by a dedicated research and development team to insure that you get the highest quality nutritional products.

The company's founder is well known within the medical and wellness communities. During the 1980s, he created a research team and spent 20 million dollars researching the health-giving properties of the Aloe Vera plant.  With the knowledge he learned of the plant's benefits and a method of harvesting Aloe Vera so that its ingredients remain active,

He founded our company in 1991. We have a complete line of more than 75 evidence-based nutritional supplements and skin care products that contain the most-beneficial ingredients nature offers. We are a member of the Direct Selling Association and the direct selling women's association.

We strongly adhere to its Code of Ethics. We have scientific research on many of our products.  We offer a 60 day money back return policy. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase return the product for a full refund minus shipping. Our products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities.

Watch a 4 minute video tour of our company.