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Would you like to increase inter-cellular oxygenation?
Would you like to increase endurance?
Would you like to improve mental concentration?
Would you like to decrease recovery tune?
Would you like to increase energy during workouts?
Would you like to have more fun during workouts?
Would you like to get the competitive edge?

We have some exceptional products to help you get the competitive edge and improve your performance as an athlete.

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Drink Super Charged water during exercise.

Water makes up 70% of your body. And a full 90% of your brain. But the amazing fact is the water in your cells is different from even the purest water you normally drink. Why? Because cellular water is "wetter water." The water inside and around your cells has Low Surface Tension.

Your body has to work hard to turn ordinary water into "wetter water", even if you drink the purest spring or distilled water.

As the years pass, it seems the body gets less effective at turning ordinary water into "wetter water" your cells can use. -- and your cells begin to dry up. Just look at some of the common aging effects of dehydration. <

Stiffness and loss of flexibility
Dry, wrinkled skin.
Tendons that tear more easily
Brittle bones.
Loss of lung flexibility -- leading to loss of oxygen.

No wonder that doctors encourage us to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Trouble is, the water most of us drink isn't like the water in your cells.

Now YOU can drink "Wetter Water" every day!
It will heIp you in in five vital ways:

1. Super Charged water helps you to reverse dehydration -- a major cause of aging!
2. Super Charged water helps you to fight free radical damage!
3. Super Charged water helps you to absorb nutrients more effectively!
4. Super Charged water helps you to discard toxins more easily!
5. Super Charged water helps you to feel better, look better and live better!

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Joshua Steinberg