Cleanse and Detox program
Why cleanse your body?
Everyday our bodies accumulate pollutants and toxins from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the beverages we drink and other environmental toxins. Most of us are not always eating healthy plant based diet. Some of these toxins are not eliminated through normal elimination and build up in our colon.
These toxins need to be eliminated to remain healthy. Many health professionals believe that almost all disease processes begin with a toxic colon. We take the garbage out of our homes on a regular basis.  We must also learn to cleanse our bodies on a regular basis to fully regain our health and vitality.
The colon plays an important role in maintaining health and most of us pay very little attention to the health of our colon. That is why we have so many digestive disorders in our society. Our bodies are constantly detoxifying and attempting to eliminate waste material. The function of the colon is to rid our system of toxins, food waste, and other toxic substances. The problem today is that there is so many toxins entering our system and our bodies cannot eliminate all the toxins through normal elimination.
The toxins that are not eliminated accumulate in our colon, and it must be eliminated through a colon cleansing program. If these toxins are not eliminated, they can clog the colon making it harder to have a bowel movement, increase free-radical production, all systems of the body may be harmed.
However, through cleansing, we can help the colon to restore itself to proper functioning. This leads to better digestion, healthy bowel movements, and better  absorption of nutrients, regular elimination and increased energy.
Give your body a fresh start with our 14 day cleansing program
Our colon cleansing program has 3 parts.
1) The first part is the introduction phase. You take a convenient packet of cleansing herbs in the morning and in the evening.  During this phase you should eat as close to a plant-based diet as possible to aid in the cleansing. You should also drink lots of water.  This phase lasts for seven days.
2) This is the main part of the cleanse. In addition to taking cleansing herbs twice daily, you take a cleansing drink 4 times each day followed by a glass of water.  The cleansing powder can mixed with water or juice and you should drink it immediately. This phase last for 4 days and it works best when no solid food is taken and you should also drink lots of water.
The cleaning drink contains a detoxifying agent called Bentonite. Bentonite is an edible clay that bulks up inside the intestinal tract and absorbs toxins, such as pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful substances in the digestive tract. It also contains psyllium powder that expands to trap toxins, waste, and mucus and pull them out of the body. There are other cleansing herbs in the cleansing drink.
3)This is the final phase of the cleansing program. It allows the digestive system & intestinal flora to be restored. Acidophilus and digestive enzymes are provided in the packets for the packets for phase 3 to re-establish the health of your digestive system.
You can continue with fresh juices and water and start gradually re-introducing foods like live, raw organic fruits & vegetables.  Smoothies, salads and adding SuperFoods like Spirulina is a great way to introduce healthy foods into your diet.
Watch a 20 minute video about this cleansing program and hear from the person who created it.
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Joshua Steinberg