Spirulina - The most nutritious food on the planet

Spirulina is one of the most nutritious, complete, efficient, and effective foods on Earth.
It is the most concentrated whole food source of protein:

Spirulina is 60-70% protein and 83-95% digestible.
Spirulina is an excellent source of protein for people trying to eliminate meat from their diets.

All 10 Dietary-Essential Amino Acids
- 20 amino acids total, in synergistic balance
Spirulina is great for those exercising and trying to gain muscle mass.

B-I2 - Spirulina is good source of vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 provides energy and is essential for normal growth and neurological function. Many vegetarians lack vitamin B-12 in their diets.

Beta-Carotene and Mixed Carotenoid
s:  Exceptionally high natural concentrations.
The caroteniods in Spirulina helps to build your immune system nutritionally.

Full-Spectrum Antioxidants
from phyto-nutrients, pigments, and natural vitamins.

Phycocyanin - High concentration of this powerful, blue, immune-stimulating biliprotein.

GLA - highest natural form next to mother's milk - glandular-balancing, anti-inflammatory.

Rhamnose - Rare, biologically-active sugar, speeds nutrients across the blood-brain barrier,and to the cell.

Glycogen -The only vegetable source for this ready-made glucose in stored-energy form.

EFA's - The much-needed Omega 3- and 6- Essential Fatty Acids.

Chlorophyll - deep-green blood-builder that directly harnesses sunlight.
Spirulina helps cleanse the body of toxins.

A Full-Spectrum of Vitamins
- More than any other single food, in balanced concentrations.

Ocean Source Minerals and Abundant Trace Elements - from the deep clean ocean:
over 90 minerals in all.

The building blocks for over 2,000 enzymes with 2-3 times the energy of any other 'live food'.

SOD Exceptionally high levels of the antioxidant enzyme,Superoxide Dismutase.

High levels of Mucopolysaccharides in the soft cell wall materials for glycoprotein complexes

Spirulina is free of cholesterol and starch, very low in sodium and calories, a high-energy food.

, meaning 'little spiral,' is a microscopic, spiral shaped, plankton blue green algae that appeared on the planet over 3.6 billion years ago. A simple hydrocarbon vegetable, it is made directly from photosynthesis - the pure interaction of sunlight and water. Spirulina is the most concentrated form of any known organic food. Full of nutritional wonders, it has a rich history and holds unlimited potential for the future.

Recognizing these qualities, Dr. Christopher Hills and renowned microbiologist Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura shifted their research to Spirulina in 1967. In their quest to find a nutritious solution to world malnutrition and starvation, they set out to pure culture and grow the best Spirulina possible. Spirulina, the most nutrient-dense of all algae on the planet, met their criteria with "championship qualities."  They dedicated over twenty years developing technology, sharing their cultures and research, and growing Spirulina all over the world. Their work was just the beginning of an unprecedented wave of medical research and a world-hunger solution project that still goes on today.

Spirulina cleanses and nourishes, balances and energizes, strengthens and protects, regenerates and rejuvenates. Taking Spirulina as a food can truly change your life. From a personal experience of Radiant Health to the bigger picture of 'Making a Difference', no matter your perspective, Spirulina is the optimum choice.


Spirulina has everything you need to live on, more than any other protein, grain, plant,
algae, herb, vitamin, anything!  It's so nutritious and digestible that you get all the nutrition in just one level tablespoon (9 grams) of our Spirulina, you would have to eat:

3 ounces fresh wheat grass juice for the Chlorophyll
21 ounces of spinach for the iron
18 medium carrots for the beta carotene
2 cups of brown rice for the potassium.
9 ounces of top sirloin for the protein and ~B-12
6 medium raw wheat germ for the Vitamin E .
3 capsules of Evening Primrose Oil for the GLA
3 glasses of cow's milk for the calcium


Our Spirulina
is currently grown at one of the most advanced aqua farms in a sunny location in India, which. provides perfect year-round temperatures and a twelve-month growing season. Adapting to intense sunlight, one of Spirulina's natural gifts, has resulted in a strain with the highest levels of mixed carotenoids of any Spirulina in the world. It is cultured in long, shallow raceway ponds filled with fresh water drawn from deep in the rain forest aquifer, supplemented with oceans water drawn from a depth of over 2,000 feet, and in the clean air of the most geographically-remote islands in the world. Food-grade sodium bicarbonate keeps the water very alkaline, which is Spirulina's favorite natural environment, and the water is further enhanced by a proprietary blend of essential nutrients.

Paddlewheels gently stir the cultures, ensuring optimum light for each cell and helping the pond to release oxygen. The Spirulina thrives in these ideal conditions, growing several times faster than in the wild. Cultured Spirulina grows so fast, it is harvested every 3 days. Harvesting is simpler than with other algae, because of Spirulina's long, filament shape, which requires no centrifuge and is gentle on the cells. Right from harvest, it is sifted out on screens and given several freshwater washes, ensuring a clean product with a fresh, salt-free taste.

Spirulina is dried using the ultimate in drying technology, Ocean Chill Drying. It is a patented spray drying system in which deep, cold sea water is used to dehumidify and chill the air in the dryer. This allows for the elimination of oxygen, which protects carotenes, fatty acids, and enzyme concentrations. The Spirulina dries in about three seconds, and the recovered carbon dioxide is then recycled back to the ponds to nourish the growing Spirulina. Data from independent laboratories verify substantially higher levels of beta carotene than algae dried by any other method, including freeze-drying.


There is only one species of algae where Spirulina grows,
whereas lakes and ponds can contain thousands of species of algae.. Many of these other algae secrete potent toxins to kill off competitors, and while some lake algae do this seasonally, some are continually and fatally toxic, and their presence is neither predictable nor controllable. With so many competing species, microorganisms, toxic pollutants, agricultural runoff, numerous insects, debris and other undesirable elements present, even once 'wild' lakes are not safe. or viable environments,. Even with expensive quality controls, why take the chance?  It's an unnecessary risk.

In contrast,
the art and science of growing Spirulina in a 'shepherded', pure environment has evolved, through a balanced partnership between nature and aqua farming technology. By using the purest fresh and ocean water, the sunniest location, a clean environment and state-of-the-art growing methods, aqua culturists have succeeded in developing superior strains of 100% pure-cultured Spirulina.


After millennia of human and animal consumption and decades of intensive research, both anecdotal and scientific evidence validate not only Spirulina's safety, but it is beneficial for our health and well-being. Spirulina is the most well researched food-grade microalgae in the world. There has been a long history of research into Spirulina by many prestigious scientific institutions, among them:

The U.N. Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) commissioned a five-year toxicology study on Spirulina and found it to be a safe, nontoxic food, and in a separate study "recommended it as a potential solution to the world food crisis and global protein shortage."

NASA has done extensive research into the use of algae as food for space travel and chose Spirulina after beginning research with over 1,000 species of blue-green algae.

Spirulina also has an ancient history as a food, being at the very beginning of the food chain. Huge flocks of the beautiful pink flamingos of Africa have eaten pounds of Spirulina every day for thousands of years. Many indigenous peoples have been using Spirulina for centuries, and today, it is being used by millions of people world wide without any adverse effects. There are medically documented studies of people using only Spirulina with water & juice for long fasts - some up to and over a year! The fantastic results of these experiences - enhanced energy, mental clarity, better sleep and more along with impressive medical documentation, further prove that Spirulina is a safe and complete, life-enhancing Superfood. The safety of Spirulina is historical, not rhetorical.


It's totally up to the individual. Generally, it's best to start slowly, about one gram a
day. You can begin with just one to three tablets of 100% Spirulina or 1/2 teaspoon of
powder in a smoothie. The powder is more concentrated, so start light.


Energy is continuously produced by the sun, but that energy is lost as foods move up the food chain. Food from plants at the lower levels of the food chain, such as Spirulina, contain the most food energy and nutrient value. They also use up the least of the planet's resources in their growth and development. With each step up the food chain, energy and nutrient value are lost, and more of the Earth's resources are used up.

The resources we choose to consume will make all the difference in the rebalancing of our Earth's delicate ecology. By focusing our energies on producing, eating, and sharing more Spirulina, we directly help to protect all life forms and more effectively conserve the Earth's natural resources. ONE ACRE OF SPIRULINA WILL FIX NEARLY THREE TIMES AS MUCH CARBON AS THE AVERAGE ACRE OF FORESTLAND.

Hear what David is saying who has been taking Spirulina for many years.

Joshua Steinberg